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Today all human beings want to avoid difficulties and want to remain easy in all sectors of life. So mobile phones are one of the important basic necessities in the modern era. Most people use mobile phones from greater than necessities, so a single mobile phone and mobile number are not enough for those types of people. Buy Google Voice Accounts from our company at best rates with high-quality results. We are also offering a replacement warranty for 7 days. So it is important for those people to have more phone numbers through that they can fulfill their needs. But having multiple phone numbers and mobile devices is so expensive that all people could not afford it. According to these necessities, Google has introduced Google voice number to determine the problem of multiple phone numbers.  It is very important to buy Google voice accounts because through these it is possible to make life easier and also save money that is used for multiple numbers.  The demands of these accounts are increasing due to their benefits.


As you know that Google is a lot numbers of service providers in social media. All the tools, given by Google have amazing features and benefits but Google voice accounts are best from all those because its features and functions are unlimited. This amazing service was created on March 11, 2009. In this service you will get a US phone number through that you can make a call, send text messages and it is also used for voicemails. But there are some selective areas codes that are used for Google voice numbers. The most important feature of this service is that there are no restrictions on using this, so all users have access to using this service.

How to get a Google voice number?

As we mention above that there are no charges of using this amazing service. So its popularity is increasing on a daily basis. Google voice number is useful for both personal as well as business purposes.  When you use this best tool of Google then you can receive all your calls, text messages, and even voicemails on a single selected mobile device, so doing this, you can save time as well as money both. Buy Bulk Google Voice Accounts to get more accurate benefits from it.  It is not only for single benefit but you can avail a lot of numbers of benefits by using it and its most advantage is that it is provided by the world’s biggest and secure platform Google.

It is easy to get a Google voice account by following the below steps.

  1. Login to

It is important to log in to through your computer or mobile device for creating Google voice numbers.

  1. Browse area codes

As we discussed above that you can get Google voice numbers through US numbers and also some selective area codes. So it is important to select area code. It is possible that you own can select area code because sometimes Google shows your nearest area codes automatically and you can choose your nearest code. It is important to note here that it is possible that your residency is in another area while your business is another area. So you should select your business place area code for getting the Google voice number.

  1. Select a Google voice number.

It is an important step because in this step you should choose the number that you want to keep as your Google voice number. So it is important to select an easy number that is easy to remember it.

  1. Verify your existing phone number

It is important to note here that you will need to verify your Google voice number as verifying other social media sites accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Without this process, it is important to get a Google voice number. You should press on the verify option that is in the green color box.  After pressing it, you will need to enter your existing mobile number. It is a common thing that most people use two or more than two phone numbers for various purposes. So keep in mind to select that number as an existing number that is used for most purposes. Its confirmation process is the same as social medial sites account Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will receive six digits code via message and when you enter this code in the box and then click on verify, your Google Voice number will be automatically verified and you will get your voice number in the next screen.

It is to be noted here that if you want to make an international call or message then you will be charged some charges otherwise local calls are free of cost.

Features of Google Voice number

Google voice is the useful feature of Google through that it is possible to receive calls, text messages, and voice emails from all of your user numbers and this amazing service is free of cost. It is counted as the best tool provided by Google.  Buy Google Voice number from our website and use for your personal use as well for business purpose. This Google tool is useful for both personal as well as business purposes. The most important features of Google voice numbers are below those are discussed in detail.

  1. Money-saving

If you want to save you money then it is important to use Google voice number because through this you can save your money. It should be used for all-purpose that could be used for personal and business purposes. You can manage a free connect number that is totally free from charges but if we talk about its features than these are very useful and also getting by all users.

  1. Free Google phone number

Through this Google tool, the users can select golden phone numbers and area codes for all-purpose. So the users can choose their wanted phone numbers as well as area code and the main important thing is that it is possible to change area code if the user changes its residency from one place to another. It is important to note here that Google voice numbers can be used just for business because it could be possible to use a private number for personal purposes and Google voice numbers for business purposes.

3. Multiple devices

The main feature of Google voice number is that you could use this amazing feature on all types of devices even it is a computer, mobile device, and also on a tablet. It is possible to send and receive calls as well as text messages on all these social media platforms, so it is possible to use this service on all devices.

  1. Voice recording

As you know that if anyone wants to get any facility, he will charge some money. Sometimes, it is important to record any specific call. So mostly people delete the options of recording from their mobile devices.  But there is the facility of voice as well as call recording in Google voice number that is a very important feature of it. It is also easy to listen to those calls which are recorded. If you want to record the call then open Google voice account and click on the lift sidebar. Then press on more options and in the last press on a call recorded. It is possible to record it during the call and it is easy because during the call just press on digit 4, your call will start to record and also stop the recording repress on digit 4. In the latter, it is possible to listen to this recording. For this purpose press on the setting, after it click on the call and then call option.

5. Do not disturb mode.

Sometimes it is possible that you are feeling tired and want to take rest for some time. But incoming calls are disturbing you and you are worried about this. Then Google voice number gives you the option of don’t disturb mode, through that you can stop all your incoming calls during the time of rest.  It is easy to apply this option to your number. Just open Google voice, press on setting, after it calls, and then turn it on do not disturb mode. It is important here that this option will apply on all those devices that are connected with Google voice numbers.

How to use Google voice number?

According to some people, there will be some difficult steps that are adapted to use google voice number. Because it is known as the latest tool provided by Google for solving the problems of multiple accounts. But it is so easy to use Google voice number and there are no such steps that create problems for using it.

It is like an ordinary number that if it is needed to call anyone, simply go to call and dial the number that is required for the call. You cannot just call anyone through this voice number but also sent text messages and also voicemail. If anyone disturbs you on Google voice number then you can block that number. One thing is important here that you should need the internet connection, cellular data, or connect with Wi-Fi if you want to use Google voice number. All these calls, messages, and voicemails are totally free but sometimes it is possible to call or sending text messages on an international level then you will pay some extra charges but not much.

Buy Google voice accounts

Today, online business is more useful and best for gaining more profit with less expense. Because modern people stress shopping through social marketing business because of its facilities and security. Markets always extend due to large numbers of buyers and sellers, so social marketing has the facility of a large number of buyers as well as sellers. Customer satisfaction is the most important tool that may cause reason for business promotion. To get customer attention, it is important for the system of questions and answers. It means that any of your customers want to ask any question that is related to your business and brand then you should reply to him and get his satisfaction. So if you want to remain in touch with your business customers then it is important for you to buy Google voice accounts. Because it’s useful features are very important for online business.

Google voice accounts for sale

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Final thoughts

Google voice number is one of the best tools of Google that is used for personal as well as business purposes. It is important for you to get this tool if you want to save time as well as money. With the help of this service, it is possible to promote your business and also connect with your customers. So there is no need of having multiple devices because Google voice number has solved all your problems that are related to it. Our company is the best place to buy Google voice accounts because we care about the wishes of our clients.