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Social media has a lot of progress today. But email services are known as the oldest social media platforms which are much important today. Buy Gmail Accounts to get success in the online social marketing business. In the beginning, there were some email services like Yahoo and Hotmail, etc. These email services serve large time as social platforms. These services have very useful features for personal purposes. But as time passed, social market business growth, old email services look poor. So Google the biggest search engine and many other useful tool provider has introduced a free email service which has best features which are useful for personal as well as business purposes.

This amazing service was an invention by Google on April 1, 2004. Its creator is Paul Buchheit which was known as a Google developer. There are many benefits to using Gmail for business purposes. Buy Gmail accounts because it is the first need of getting succeeded in the online social marketing business.

Gmail Accounts For Sale

Gmail is a free email service that could be used for many useful purposes. Here we are offering High-Quality Gmail Accounts for sale. Gmail is mostly used for sending and receiving files, documents, and text messages. But today’s use extends and now it could be used for securing the data of social marketing business. Its major feature is its huge capacity. Yahoo and Hotmail were good services but they have less capacity.

Yahoo has only 4 MB capacity while Hotmail has just 2 MB datastore capacity. So if anyone needs more space he should pay extra money. But the Gmail has 1 GB data storage capacity at the time of creation, it’s become double on its first anniversary but today its capacity has extended to so wide and now you can use 15 GB storage capacity. Gmail is chosen by most people and companies for various requirements due to its amazing features. Other email services have not many features but Gmail has unlimited features according to those the use of Gmail is increasing. Its popularity is increasing from the date of its invention. Today’s this useful and free email service is using by more than 1 billion users.

Features of Gmail

As we discussed above that Gmail has more number of users if it compares with other email services. The only main reason for it, very aggressive features of Gmail. Google has updated it time by time and add more and more useful functions and features in it. It is chosen by many companies for business purposes as well as many people for personal purposes due to these useful features. Buy Gmail Accounts and get amazing features of it.

There are unlimited numbers of features in it. Other email services have some features which make these services for business but these features are very limited if these compare with Gmail’s features. The main drawback of other email services is the limited storage capacity. There will be a need to delete previous mail for getting new mails. So many companies and common people say goodbye to other email services and welcome to world best free email service Gmail.

Buy Gmail Accounts


  1. Storage capacity

It is counted as the main and important feature of Gmail. Because the email services which could be used in social business have a little storage capacity. So there the companies paid extra money to increase the storage capacity according to their need. Sometimes, it occurs that the companies delete old emails, files, and documents to get the new. So it was difficult to keep an old record of companies due to low storage capacity.

Gmail has escaped this loss of online companies due to offering huge storage capacity. At the time of invention, its capacity was 1 GB and at that time it was counted unlimited capacity because the capacity of Yahoo mail service and Hotmail service was just 2 MB and 4 MB. Google has improved its capacity to double after one year. However, today’s capacity is increased to 15 GB. Now with the help of Gmail, it is possible to send about 25 GB data of emails, files, and documents but the receiving permission is 50 GB. So it is counted huge capacity for any company and any person. However, if anyone needs more capacity, then he will pay charges. But I think it is enough capacity for any type of company.

  1. Offline Gmail

Today’s there is no place in the world where the facility of the internet not arrived. But sometimes it is possible due to an error, the connection of the internet does not exist. So there is no chance of missing any type of email due to internet connection. Because Google has given the feature of offline through that there is no need for the internet for using Gmail. It is a very useful feature of Gmail because you can carry on your work without the problem of the internet. So Gmail has the facility offline as well as online.

  1. Filters

When you use a Gmail account for personal or business purposes, then you should thousands of emails, files, and documents by various addresses. Sometimes you need any important mail sending by any special address, and then Gmail gives you the facility of filters. Through this feature, you can search for any important single mail from thousands of emails. So this feature is also known as a time-saving feature. Because through this feature you can handle a long time work in no time. It means, if you want to search for any important email, then there is no need for a long search. Just write any important word of that mail in the search box and you will receive all related emails and then select your related email.

  1. Schedule emails

It is impossible for anyone to keep always mobile devices or computers. So there could be a problem if you should send an email. But this problem appears when you are using any other email service. But when you use Gmail, you have the facility of schedule email through that you can send an email at its right sending time. This is also known as writing now send later. In this feature, you should give some options like after one hour, one day, next week and some others.

You can write an email at that time and can send it at its best time. These emails are like birthday, meeting time, or any specific time in which any important work is done. So there is no need to having a mobile device or computer to sending any mail at its best time. If you want to get this feature then write your mail, then click on the menu option which is top right in the shape of three vertical dots. Then you will see an option of schedule send at the lower. There will be some options for sending like tomorrow, morning or you can choose any other specific time in that this mail sending is important.

  1. Two-factor authentication

Security is the main reason for any person as well as companies. There are some expert hackers who can easily hack your secret data. If you are using other email services then there are lot numbers of chances of hacking your personal and secret data. But Gmail has introduced a new and best feature through that your Gmail account could be saved.

This feature is known as two-factor authentication. It is very easy to apply this amazing feature on your Gmail account to keep safe and secure it from hackers. For this purpose open the link of Google’s 2-step verification website through your mobile. Then follow the instruction given by Google. Now it is an important step because in it you should choose a method whether it is any security keyword, a phone call, or even a text message. It is important to just prove that you own logging your Gmail account. It is important here that you will also get a backup link of two-factor authentication.

5. Smart Compose

It is an important feature of Gmail. Because you can write any mail quickly as soon as possible through smart composing. This is the latest feature of Gmail. In this feature, words appear automatically when you start composing an email with correct phrases and sentences. Through this feature, you can save time and also compose an email with the correct meaning. When you start then you will receive the next word in light shade. Then if you think it is the right word, then clicks on it, and if you think it is wrong or not suitable than carrying on writing. This feature is the latest but its popularity is increasing due to this is so useful.

Business benefits of Gmail

Email services are mostly used for personal purposes from a few years ago. But today’s email services are known as the backbone of social business. Buy Gmail Accounts and improve your business problems through it. Social marketing companies have invested a lot of money into spreading their business all over the world. But after the invention of email services, social marketing business get a useful tool for increasing the strength of it. All of us know the power and ability of Google. It is the world’s biggest and largest search engine but it has a great role in the social marketing business. It is a fully secure social media platform, so you can also trust its all provided tools.

Gmail is its very useful invention which was created in 2004 and now it is the main important social marketing business tool which gives the 100% security guarantee. There is huge data of any business company, so it is easy to search for any data through Gmail. You can easily spread your online business through Gmail. Before the Gmail, there were some other email services that were used in business but they have poor functions due to those they all fail for business promotion. So Google has added new and useful functions which were especially for the business sector. Here are some benefits which could be received by using Gmail in the business sector.

  1. Data security

It is the major benefit of using Gmail account for business. Because security is the main issue of any company. Every company wants to secure its private data at any cost. So the Gmail has introduced the new security system SSL-encrypted connection through that it is impossible to hack or thief your private data. In previous email services, it was fear that any time your private data could be hacked and it is possible to face a problem with security issues. There is also the facility of two factors authentication security system. With the help of it, you should confirm your Gmail account ownership by confirming email or mobile phone.

  1. Large space

Some years ago, some companies use other social platforms for their business. So at that time, these companies have not much storage capacity that is enough for companies. Most time companies delete old emails and other data for getting new. Then it is possible to delete any important data. But Gmail is a known world best free email service which can serve all companies by giving them a lot of space. The Gmail offers to all social business companies for using 25 GB data to sending emails, documents, and files. This storage is counted enough for any company but it also offers to increase the amount of storage data with some extra charges.

  1. Free service

As we discussed below that Gmail is a free email service and anyone can use this service at all places of the world. All companies want to minimize their expense and also avoid extra expenses. So it is a free email service so its use and publicity increasing to get the maximum profit. The use of Gmail is becoming famous in business due to its free feature because this service is adapted by companies just for free.

  1. Facility of searching

With the help of Gmail in using business, it is easy to search and organized emails according to your easiest way. These are counted the best benefits of Gmail because through this you can save important time. There are many search box through that you can search for an email from any specific word, sender, and also any important purpose. It’s also an important benefit of using Gmail for social business that if you have other email services accounts then you can add these accounts with Gmail. You can manage other emails accounts like Yahoo and Hotmail and can receive all your mails even these are sent to other services.


There are also some other benefits of using Gmail accounts for business purposes.

Can you buy Gmail accounts?

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How can I create 1000 Gmail accounts?

The creation of a Gmail account is very difficult if you want to create in bulk quantity because you need to verify each account individually by using phone numbers. But we can help you to solve this issue, we can provide your Gmail account in bulk quantity for your business purpose. Each account will be verified through phone numbers which means that you can use it without any problem.

How can I get a Gmail address I want?

Nowadays, everyone wants to get the email address of their own name but in most email service provider did not allow to create the accounts of your name because of unavailability. We can offer you to get the email address from us at a very reasonable price.